Wife of Overseas Worker (WOW)

Watch out for my journey, stories, challenges, struggles as Christ follower being a wife of overseas worker, mom of three jewels, an educator by heart, a trainer by choice, an earthling for others

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I am Marlet Bartolome-Beirut, a wife of  an electrical engineer working overseas gifted with three children on my custody and care.  I am a  registered social worker and professional teacher by profession.  I had been working as social worker, trainer, instructor, consultant for so many years prior to may decision to become a homeschool mom for 6 years, serving as a stay- at- home mom while homeschooling my children  under The Master's Academy with the virtual supervision of my loving husband.  

At present, a college instructor at Shepherdville College while still engaging myself in various speaking engagement gigs in different occasions and institutions.

For ten long years, by God’s grace alone, I was able to survive (hope in my husband’s eyes with flying blue color) as a wife of overseas worker. This is an experience that has taught me a lot of lessons, make me stronger, strengthen my inner character and help me to focus on Jesus Christ. For without Him, I can never make it as a wife of overseas worker. 

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

Joshua 24:15


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